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The Awards

Judging by Quality, Value & packaging

Judging Criteria

The China Wine Competition will judge each wine on the basis of three primary criteria: Quality, Value, Packaging & Design. Each of these criteria reflects a different aspect of the overall wine-drinking experience. When considered together as part of an overall scoring system, they accurately reflect what consumers are looking for today when they purchase or consume wine.

Quality Score

Quality refers to all the factors that impact the drinkability of a wine – its flavor profile, aroma, and overall balance (as measured by tannins, alcohol content and acidity). From a consumer perspective, high-quality wine is one that is enjoyable and easy to drink. It is a wine that a consumer will purchase more than one time.

Value Score

Value refers to the relative pricing of the wine vis-à-vis competitors in the marketplace. Value is a relative benchmark, not an absolute benchmark. Thus, a wine does not need to be cheap in order to deliver value. A premium-priced wine, then, can still provide value if it is priced more affordably than comparable peers. Given the number of choices today on a retail shelf, consumers need to feel comfortable that they are getting the proverbial “bang for their buck.”

Packaging Score

Packaging & Design is a subjective factor that takes into account several key issues, such as the overall look and presentation of the bottle (including cork and label), and how well the brand presentation of the bottle matches up with the personality of the wine inside the bottle. In today’s brand-driven marketplace, consumers now view wine as a branded product. As a result, they expect every bottle of wine they purchase to come with a unique brand story or unique brand identity. This reflects the fact that many consumers will make the decision of whether or not to purchase a bottle of wine based on how well it is perceived to match up with their current lifestyle or demographic group.

Scoring System

These three criteria – Quality, Value and Packaging & Design – are then combined into a weighted scoring system that assigns a 50% weight to Quality, a 25% weight to Value and a 25% weight to Packaging & Design. As a result, an award-winning wine at the China Wine Competition will be one that displays strong characteristics in each of these categories. While a high-quality wine will do well in the competition, it is not assured of winning a medal. In addition, it will have to show that it offers consumers value for their money and that it comes with a compelling brand story and attractive bottle packaging.

Philosophy Of The China Wine Competition

The China Wine Competition recognizes and rewards high-quality wines that have been developed with the end consumer in mind. Wines are judged on more than just winemaking technique, or the specific attributes of a wine (flavor, aroma, balance). Instead, the China Wine Competition takes a much wider view of what makes truly great wine. The very essence of great wine in today’s world is that it should be marketable, consumer-driven and enjoyable to drink.


Meet our judges

The China Wine Competition boasts of having the most highly qualified and trained panel of wine buyers and wine experts who are based in mainland China.

As the mission and philosophy of the China Wine Competition is to award wines by quality, value and package for the China market, all our judges are from mainland China who understands the Chinese palate.

The goal, quite simply, is to gain cross-industry recognition for wines that Chinese consumers actually want to drink.


Meet our 2021 Judges

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