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For Overseas Shipments (Samples coming from outside of Mainland China)

To help ensure safe and timely shipment of your samples for the China Wine Competition in Shanghai, CWC will be using the services of Hillebrand China, a renowned International Logistics Company.


It is your responsibility to ship your wines to the Shanghai warehouse in time (Before November 20, 2020) and to provide all the documentation to us by September 10 (before you ship your samples).

As soon as you enter your wines and makes the payment, we will advise you detailed shipping instructions. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding shipping, please email monika@chinawinecompetition.com Please Do Not Ship without contacting us.


Step 1: Once you enter your wines and makes the payment, you will get an email about the shipping process.

Step 2: You will send us all the documents (before September 10) and before shipping your samples to the Shanghai warehouse.

Step 3: Once we approve your documents, you can login and download the competition label under My Shipping Labels or contact us and we will give you the shipping labels. You can then ship your samples to Shanghai (before November 20).

For Shipments Within Mainland China

If you are a winery in China or an Importer and shipping within mainland China, you can ship or drop the samples directly to our Shanghai address with a shipping label, which you can obtain from monika@chinawinecompetition.com.


Kindly, send your tracking details to monika@chinawinecompetition.com once you ship your samples.

If Samples Missed to deliver by the Shipping Deadlines

Your registration will not be considered for judging and no scores will reflect in your account. No Refund will be initiated in any circumstances of missing the shipping deadline. Delays caused by couriers and customs will not be accounted, so please ship in advance.