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2020 China Wine Competition Winners Announced

06/01/2021 | The 2nd edition of the China Wine Competition is pleased to announce the 2020 winners. More than 56 different grape varieties and wines from 15 countries were submitted in the 2nd annual competition.


2020 China Wine Competition: 20 December 2020

26/11/2020 | The China Wine Competition has placed itself in the wine spectrum to help wine brands gain the build they need during these times, where new brands are entering the market on an almost daily basis.

Wine Reviews

Top Wine Brands From The United States

21/11/2020 | These wine brands are tasted by the top-level wine buyers of the 2019 China Wine Competition Judging team. If you are looking from some wonderful brands from the USA, here you go.


Building a Wine Brand in China

20/11/2020 | At an average hypermart of China's iconic cities, there would be more than five hundred wine brands available to choose from. Make your wine brand stand out in such a crowded field.

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